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Three groups, three cities, three events: Sept 16 2017

Last weekend, three different groups did three events in Barrie, Mississauga and Toronto. Suffragettes vs Silence hosted Jennifer Bush at a picnic/Info session in Barrie. Arthur Smitherman and Cultural Action Party Ontario did community engagement at Mississauga Liberal event and Toronto street festival. Meanwhile, a group of Buddhists protested Islamic Rohingya genocide against Buddhists and Hindus in Myanmar at Queen’s Park in Toronto.

RISE CANADA and artist Brazau: dntn Toronto Halloween Muhammad exhibit

Watch as this exhibit took place right next to the Muslim booth at Yonge and Dundas in the heart of downtown Toronto:

Artist Eric Brazau constructed and demo’d an exhibit with two heads, inviting the downtown Toronto audience to name the Muhammad heads. Brazau provided

commentary and spoke of the Islamic love of sex with girls nine years old and under, their prophet Muhammad’s sexual activities, and ISIS. At one point he commented on a niqab wearing woman’s “Halloween costume”.

Artist Eric Brazau’s exhibit of Muhammad heads, with the RISE CANADA team, on Halloween in downtown Toronto
… Met with threats and screaming banshee hijaboid Muslims. It also elicited a “We love everyone, everyone

is welcome” speech from a white liberal bimbo.

When none of that worked, of course, the customary call to police and demand for “hate charges” followed.

His art show caused Islamic threats and white liberal stupidity. Following this the cops were called, with the Muslims complaining of “hate”. The police here

explained that this was not hateful; and simply free speech. Near the end a RISE CANADA member stated to the cops that some consider Islam to be hate

speech, which the Muslims did not seem to like.

Jaffari Centre, Thornhill: Wedn 8.00 pm: RISE CANADA to show Muhammad cartoons

CONTACT risecanada1@gmail.com

Wedn 8.00 pm : 9000 Bathurst Street, Thornhill


The JAFFARI CENTRE in Thornhill, in the past,has promoted Asad Jafri (speaker at the notorious hateful “Al Quds Day” celebrations), as well as to a group which disseminated anti Semitic literature (according to the National Post).

According to Sun News, the center also taught children mock beheadings.


Many Islamic groups have threatened violence and attacked people who peacefully showed any item which contradicts their beliefs, including even the simple act of drawing cartoons of Muhammad. This is unacceptable in free democracies.

Accordingly, RISE CANADA will be showing Muhammad cartoons in front of the center on Wednesday evening from 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm. Islamic fundamentalists and hate mongers must be shown that Canada stands for freedom

We welcome supported to attend. Defend freedom and stop the hate.

RISE CANADA to show Muhammad cartoons: July 11th 3 pm University and Dundas

NOTE: please monitor this webpage for any changes. Islamic radicals might change the venue by a couple of blocks at the last minute to confuse us. We will keep you informed of any changes.

CONTACT risecanada1@gmail.com


On Saturday July 11th at 3 pm, Islamic radicals, having been denied a permit to host their hate fest at Queen’s Park, will be celebrating “Al Quds Day” on University Avenue in Toronto. This event in the past promoted violence against Jews.


RISE CANADA will be showing cartoons of Muhammad at the corner of Dundas Street West and University Avenue on that day. We must show Islamic radicals that holding hate fests and promoting violence against anyone who dares to show a simple cartoon is not acceptable here.

Join us on the NW corner of Dundas and University at 3 pm Saturday, and take a stand for freedom