Who we are

☛ A martial arts student complains that he cannot be taught next to females; the teacher honors his request and the human rights commission sides with the school against the female student.

☛ An Ontario labor minister endorses a religious book which promotes the beating of wives.

☛ A university student asks his professor if he can complete his coursework without interacting with female students. His professor denies the request, but is over ruled by the university.

☛ A secular publically funded high school allows religious leaders to take students out of class and preach religion within a school cafeteria, making girls sit behind boys.

These are just a few of the pathologies infesting our society. The intrusion of religious ideologies is tearing apart the ethos and fabric of Canada, bit by bit.

We are a national grassroots movement determined to restore our values and principles. We will defend the principles of gender equity, respect, and harmony that define us.

We will fight religious fundamentalism and stop the erosion of cherished values from the onslaught of faith based extremism.

We supported the proposed Quebec Values Charter as a good model for all of Canada.