A Patriot organizes Peel school event to Save Students

Last Friday, a new patriot named Paul Marker organized an event in front of Mississauga’s John Fraser High School. This school allows Islamic prayers, and Paul arranged an event in front of the school to save and protect the students against the hateful brainwashing of Islamic prayers. A wonderful multi cultural cast of speakers, ranging from a Balkans ex Muslim to Pakistani Christian and Zoroastrian leaders, spoke eloquently and tried to save the students from indoctrination and radical Islamic brainwashing. Unfortunately some Muslim students reacted with great hostility and hatred against the patriots’ peaceful message of love and tolerance.

Ex Muslim challenges imam at “Islam-o-Phobia” event Toronto

An ex Muslim former Canadian Afghan war vet and a few others attend a Toronto neighborhood “dialogue” where an imam and other Muslims share their “stories” about alleged anti Islamic incidents. This took place is a majority Muslim neighborhood called Regent Park where the local municipal and provincial govt spent billions to house them in state of the art facilities with swimming pools and every imaginable comfort.

This ex Muslim quotes from the Koran and states that Islam is an ideology of hate and is barbaric and sadistic. He suggests that Muslims who actually follow the teachings are terrorists and akin to ISIS.

The liberal crowd and the Muslims in the audience do not seem to approve of this and try to shut him down. Security is called.

RiseCanada.com encourages diversity within movement

RiseCanada.com denounces those within our own movement who try to exclude other fellow patriots. In particular we condemn those who create tension and even physical conflict by refusing to include voices in our movement who have suffered for the cause. People who do so damage the movement and assist the enemy, wittingly or otherwise. RiseCanada.com always promotes unity and is a champion of bringing together diverse voices for the common cause of building a just and equitable Canadian society, We encourage other groups and individuals to follow our example and tread the path of justice and righteous conduct.