Meet Our Senior Advisors

Our advisors include the most respected and influential leaders within diverse communities. They all have a sterling track record of professional achievement, academic excellence, and leadership.


Ron Banerjee

Ron Banerjee is a renowned Hindu leader who is a director with the Canadian Hindu Advocacy. This organization has promoted Hindu interests and values, as well as organized rallies and events against Islamic and Khalistani Sikh terrorism.He has the largest and most sustained mainstream media exposure of any Hindu leader in Canada. The Canadian Hindu Advocacy has published over three dozen op-eds in the National Post, Financial Post and Sun Media. Over a hundred letters to the editor have also been published in these media outlets as well as the Toronto Star. Dozens of guest appearances have also been made on national syndicated radio talk shows and TV programs nationwide. Mr Banerjee has also organized events and made presentations to the class and faculty of the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.

Ron Banerjee, director of the Canadian Hindu Advocacy

Ron Banerjee, director of the Canadian Hindu Advocacy