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Jennifer Bush: Live appearance and radio show

She will be on AM640 John Oakley show at 6 pm

She will also be a speaker and be doing a meet and greet Monday 7 pm at a prominent Jewish civil rights group, the Jewish Defense League of Canada: 788 Marlee Avenue:

Please attend the JDL Meeting and Toast to Rosh Hashanah. This has been a very active year for the JDL. We will discuss some of our actions this past year and our plans moving forward. We will start by raising our glasses high. We have a lot to be proud of. Also, we will hear from Jennifer Bush who last week confronted an NDP leader on the issue of political Islam expanding into Canada. And we will discuss our planned protests against BDS leader Roger Waters.

Mississauga Library excludes media and non Muslims from Islamic hate Event

Mississauga Library excludes media and non Muslims from Islamic hate Event

Mississauga Public Library, a taxpayer funded facility, yesterday allowed an Islamic hate group “Burma Task Force” to hold an exhibit and seminar to spread outrageous lies, ie suggesting that the “Rohingya Muslim” minority was being “oppressed” by Buddhist majority Burma (Myanmar). Shockingly, with the full support of security staff, they refused entry to conservative media and citizens who had registered and received tickets…The organizers feared being asked tough questions. All organs of Peel region public govt, schools and facilities seem to have bowed totally to Islam

Concerned Parents of Canada: 200 march in Brampton “No Religion in Schools”

200 people of all faiths and ethnicities marched in Brampton today in a rally organized by Concerned Parents of Canada, opposing religious practice in the publically funded Peel School board. At the end we heard speeches from Ram Subramaniam of KROOOPS (keep religion out of our Peel schools), Mississauga mayoral candidate Kevin J Johnston, and Arthur Smitherman of the Canadian Constituent’s Party