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A Patriot organizes Peel school event to Save Students

Last Friday, a new patriot named Paul Marker organized an event in front of Mississauga’s John Fraser High School. This school allows Islamic prayers, and Paul arranged an event in front of the school to save and protect the students against the hateful brainwashing of Islamic prayers. A wonderful multi cultural cast of speakers, ranging from a Balkans ex Muslim to Pakistani Christian and Zoroastrian leaders, spoke eloquently and tried to save the students from indoctrination and radical Islamic brainwashing. Unfortunately some Muslim students reacted with great hostility and hatred against the patriots’ peaceful message of love and tolerance.

Monday Event: Formation of Multifaith Alliance vs Peel School Prayers

Various groups have been protesting against Peel School Islamic prayers and sermons, including Concerned Parents of Canada. On Monday 20th March, Jewish Defense League will host a rainbow coalition of various groups at Toronto Zionist Center 788 Marlee Avenue to plan a joint response to this issue.
Canadian values will be defended by a diverse coalition of groups united by love of country and determined to protect our shared values