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Monday Event: Formation of Multifaith Alliance vs Peel School Prayers

Various groups have been protesting against Peel School Islamic prayers and sermons, including Concerned Parents of Canada. On Monday 20th March, Jewish Defense League will host a rainbow coalition of various groups at Toronto Zionist Center 788 Marlee Avenue to plan a joint response to this issue.
Canadian values will be defended by a diverse coalition of groups united by love of country and determined to protect our shared values

Saturday 11am: Mississauga: Walk to Oppose Religion in Schools

Peel Region is allowing Islamic prayers in the allegedly “secular” school system. Our partners, the Hindu led CANADA FIRST group, will have dozens of their members and supporters marching from 11 am to 2 pm in Mississauga.

The title of the protest is NO RELIGION IN SCHOOLS, and organizers have requested that we not mention Islam in signs. will be there and will honor these rules.

The route starts at Mississauga’s CELEBRATION SQUARE (300 City Centre Dr), marches west on Burnamthorpe to Hurontario, then heads north on Hurontario (Hwy 10) ending at Peel District School Board, 5650 Hurontario St.

The videos below show the depth of Hindu opposition to Islamic school prayers as well as M103: