Rise Canada: Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Future

Rise Canada was formed in 2015 for the express purpose of fostering national unity and protecting Canadian values.

Our raison d’etre us to bring together people of various backgrounds to lawfully oppose threats to our values. These values include secularism, human rights, and protection of women and children.

The primary threat is the “Islamisation” of society which involves the creeping influence of radical Islam in institutions such as schools and govt agencies. Other threats include fundamentalist Sikh influences, including elements of the “Khalistan” movement,

As such we have worked together with the following groups :

Suffragettes against Silence : a premier women’s rights group in Canada

Concerned Parents of Canada : a majority Hindu group which has staged mass rallies and meetings with senior political leaders to combat religious prayers in secular schools

Jewish Defense League of Canada : a leading Jewish civil rights organization

Cultural Action Party : a rising registered political party which is dedicated to protecting Canadian values


The goals of the organization have not changed but our tactics are undergoing a significant shift. Rather than organizing rallies and protests, we are evolving into an organization that is executing specific tasks:

Identifying and working with worthwhile patriotic groups which COMPLETELY exclude ideologies like white supremacy, racism, or “Western cultural” supremacy.

Our members and coalition partners are diverse and include Christians, Jews, Hindus , and Buddhists. We REJECT categorically the concept of Western “cultural superiority” and recognize the need to work with equally advanced civilizations and cultures to deter barbaric practices of the truly malignant influences in Canada

Training like minded groups and individuals to move beyond rallies, protests and disruptions towards effective political advocacy

Rise Canada has a membership and support base that includes people that have participated in election campaigns in the world’s largest democracies. Our members have made small but significant contributions to both the Trump and Narendra Modi campaigns. As such we have developed finely tuned capabilities in all areas of political campaigning. Protest and rallies constitute only one fifth of the political process. Rise Canada will fill in the gaps, and work towards making real change by ensuring that Canadians make choices that uphold our values

Incubate Star Talent

Hundreds of people have attended our events and rallies of the past. Many of these people have independently acted to protect Canadian values. We hope that Canadians everywhere are inspired by Rise Canada to take lawful action to bring us together and preserve our ideals.

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